Globally recognized accreditation
All degrees and certificates we offer are accredited by the highest accreditation bodies.

A team you can trust
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) is one of the most progressive and well-established global organizations for professional services and education. As a member of TAG.Global, TAGI-UNI lets you rest assured that the programs you enroll in are of the highest quality and supported by an organization of professional staff.

We have a global presence
TAG.Global operates out of more than 100 offices around the globe. You can visit us for more information wherever you are.

No visa necessary
If obtaining a visa to study abroad is too expensive or difficult for you, no problem! We make it so you can receive a world-class degree without leaving the comforts of your home.

Prices just for you
As part of TAGI-UNI’s mission, we aim to fulfill our promise of democratizing world-class education by driving down the costs of learning. TAGI-UNI’s partners offer our students exclusive discounts on their globally recognized programs.

You set your schedule
With hundreds of courses offered year-round, you can choose when, where, and how to study. View lectures on demand, rewind, and watch again to retain information!

Get money to study
Scholarships are available online, TAGI-UNI can help you find them!

Get paid while you learn
Keep your job while you study and earn that promotion you’ve been seeking!

Stay ahead of the curve
TAGI-UNI will keep you informed of the latest developments in higher education through the TAG-Education News Agency hosted on the TAGI-UNI website.

Professionals who understand you
We are professionals who are committed to academic excellence. We regularly enroll in our own courses to ensure the quality of our programs and work to constantly improve our systems. 

Prestigious Partners
All programs are offered in partnership with prestigious international universities that have worldwide recognition with academic programs being accredited by the most prestigious accrediting bodies in their respective fields.

A tuition discount is available on many of the programs TAGI-UNI has on offer which is only available through us. Please contact us for further information (

Student Support
Academic and career counseling is provided to all. You can arrange to speak to one of our educational consultants to determine the best course of study for you. Please email us to find out how to arrange a Skype session (

TA Keep your job and obtain an internationally recognized degree
TAGI-UNI allows students to benefit from highly accredited academic programs without having to leave their jobs and homes.  The savings in travel, accommodation, and other incidental costs associated with travel abroad more than offset the tuition charged by our international partners.

It’s a WIN-WIN Situation  -- TAGI-UNI is the answer!!

How to pay fees?
All fees can either be paid via e-payment or by bank transfer. For more information regarding payments, please contact