Education Consulting

The Education Consulting Department provides educational institutions, authorities, and governments with independent consultancy services and advice on educational planning, strategy and policy regarding ICT integration in education. It also offers monitoring, benchmarking and evaluation of programs and projects.

We enhance knowledge through innovative education and specialize in developing programs in the fields of education, training, and ICT. To deliver these services, we draw on a comprehensive network of international experts in our large database of resources, which includes some of the most respected and influential leaders in education technologies.

The Education Consulting Department offers a broad range of workshops, training, and seminars which are easily adapted to our clients’ needs. These sessions will be conducted either by our renowned international experts, or in cooperation with international organizations, through online or blended learning.

Areas of specialization in Innovative Education:
1. Advancing Scientific Collaboration
2. Innovative Pedagogy and Curriculum Design
3. Education and Civic Responsibility
4. E-Learning in Areas of Conflict
5. ICT-enhanced Bi-lingual Education (Arabic/English, Arabic/French)
6. Learning Space Design and Architecture
7. Green IT
8. Building Public-Private Partnerships in Education
9. Inclusion in Education
10. Tackling Illiteracy
11. E-Learning to Tackle the Water Crisis
12. E-Health
13. E-Government

TAG Cloud Consulting Services

To serve your company on all levels. We are keen to enable your company to further your Established? core values at the best performance levels requiring a broad combination of talented and capable human resources in addition to strategic, process and technical resources.
We believe that the best solutions depend on understanding your business needs and we work closely with your organization to implement the best solutions.

TAG Cloud Consulting Services not only advises you but we also implement the change to improve the effectiveness of our integrated and end-to-end cloud solutions and services to meet your requirements and bring continuity and consistency to your business strategy.

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